The Bond of Union

“The Bond of Union”: The Old School Presbyterian Church and the American Nation, 1837-1861

Abstract and Detailed Contents

1. Catholicity and Conscience: The General Assembly of 1837 and the Fragmentation of British-American Protestantism
2. Feminization, the Market, and Presbyterian Ecclesiology: The Ruling Elder
3. Anti-Catholicism, Baptism, and the Limits of Catholicity
4. Wine, Women, and the Limits of Conscience
5. Parochial or Sectarian? The Old School Alternative to Secularized Education
6. When Schism Is Not an Option: The Problem of Slavery, 1818-1849
7. The Development of a Pro-Slavery Consensus in the South
8. “Confidence in His Brethren”: The Anti-Slavery Movement and Theological Education in the Northwest, 1848-1859
9. Covenant and Conversion: The Book of Discipline Controversy
10. Constitutional Construction and Presbyterian Boards: Law, Equity, and the Spirituality of the Church
11. The Collapse of the Center and the End of Old School Presbyterianism
Conclusion: The Realignment of American Presbyterianism
1. Old School Periodicals
2. Old School Ruling Elders
3. Old School Seminaries
5. Ethnic Churches
6. Church Finance

Ph.D. dissertation, University of Notre Dame, 2004
copyright, 2004 (all rights reserved)